Cervical Spine

Mike "Maxheat" Mosley a.k.a. MaD MaXxx from Akron, Ohio was injured in a single car accident in the summer of 1996.  On July 21st 1996, Mike's vehicle ('89 Two Door All Black Cadillac Coupe de Ville) flipped 3 times traveling North West on Copley Road approaching the street called Schocalog, specifically at the Copley Rd / Schocalog intersection.  The car was destroyed but no other vehicles were involved.   The random accident caused Maxheat to fracture his 4th and 5th cervical (C4-C5) vertebrae.  Drugs and Alcohol were NOT a factor in the accident.  Police investigators stated that the determining factor was a lack of good judgment in relation to speed and direction. 

Pictures of Maxheat

Coupe de Ville


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