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Pro Flow Show

-- DROPS -- Hit me up with all drops via mp3 (e-mail: Drops@proflowradio.com)


DJ Name: DJ MaD MaXxx

On line Station ID: Pro Flow Fa-Sho Show

Website: www.ProFlowRadio.com or www.MaxHeat.com

Make as many drops as you want & combine the thee options any way you want:

Drop 1: Who You are & what state you rep, your website(s), & the shows DJ name

Drop 2: DJ Name & On line Station ID

Drop 3: On line Station ID & Website

For example.

This is .."so & so at www.blabla.com".. and when I'm not melting cameras on the runway,

I'm chilling wit da homeboy (DJ) MaD MaXxx on .... "Pro Flow Radio"

Get Creative With It!!

Do what u want with it... It will be heard by millions.

If you mess up its cool...

either pick up where you left off or do it again because we can edit it once we have it.

Say whatever u want... if you've been waiting to expose your peotic/rhythmic side,

now's the time.

Holla if you want us to write something hot to say. 30 seconds of airtime for each dropads.