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"King James"
Part 1 Written By Nujam & Maxheat

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"King Me (Crown Royalty)"

Part 2 Written By Nujam & Maxheat

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LeBron James Don't Change!

Straight from the streets of Akron Ohio, music and sports has manifest to form the hotest hoop songs in history entitled, "King Pain", tailored around the marvel of Lebron James and named after the premier performer.  The song is available to download right here. The elusive DJ MaD MaXxx was available for comment stating, "We created the song pair in 2004.  Now He has earned his status like we flow thoroughly in the music."

Stay In Ohio


"Nuthin But that Platinum Sound..."

MaD MaXxx
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Mike Mosley (Ohio)
Shockwave Studio
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